New Eshop Title That Can Be Finished In 6 Minutes

Oh boy…

In the game’s defence it looks like Youtuber NintenDaan knows exactly what he’s doing (see video below article)

This game “The Letter” definitely has a Slenderman vibe to it and I know on a blind play through it could take a lot longer just wandering around to figure out what to do.

For a game that costs 2 dollars I actually think it’s pretty cool. I know the studio “Treefall studios” will be using the money generated from the sales to make a more fleshed out title called Elodia which they had a failed kickstarter for

Thanks to Nintendaan for sharing this footage


Funny And Accurate Mario Kart Comic

Mario kart 8 had a very successful launch. It has sold approximately 2 million copies to date and has had fantastic reception from both fans (including me) and critics.

I’ve played this game an absolute tonne, especially with friends.

One of my favourite aspects to the game is online mode. The average gamer tends to be more skilled than the AI in 150cc, making it difficult but not impossible to do continuously good (since there is a huge element of luck in the gameplay).

Something odd about the online however is that there is no microphone usage allowed on the public communities. Unfortunately this means you cannot hear some kid screaming at you to “Suck my balls asslicker” 😦

Instead players can select from a list of phrases which their miis will shout out (in text form), shown bellow in a funny comic


Super Mario 3D World Quick Review/Discussion


Super Mario 3D World, if the name didn’t give it away, is the latest game in the 3D platforming Super Mario series (as opposed to the 2D NSMB games, or the RPG games, or the sports titles or the …. yea Mario’s in a lot of different games). It’s actually a sequel to Super Mario 3D Land on the 3DS which just so happens to be, along with Galaxy, Galaxy 2 and Super Mario 64…my favorite 3D Mario game of all time! (It should be noted I’ve never played Sunshine, but there are plans). I don’t want to spoil anything, so I’ve kept this as spoiler free as possible minus a few screen shots. With that being said let’s talk about the game! 🙂

The game play is absolutely superb. Mario’s controls are very tight.  He has more or less the same control scheme as Super Mario 3D Land bar how the new power ups control. So it’s X/Y to dash and A/B to jump. Of course the best way to play is with pressure on Y and jumping by rolling the thumb onto B ; People who move their thumb from jump to sprint are FILTHY CASUALS. The level design is ridiculously good particularly in the post game worlds (oh yea, there are post game worlds *SPOILER NUMBA 1*). The ‘story’ worlds are on average quite easy, but that’s not to say they are not fun! They are of course built around the new power ups, the biggest being the new cat suit. And I FUCKING LOVE THE CAT SUIT. And you will love the cat suit suit too otherwise you’re a FILTHY CASUAL.

The game looks absolutely gorgeous. I couldn’t take my eyes off the Lava. No srsly. I couldn’t. So glowy. Every level looks really nice. There’s some lovely lighting and of course it’s a very colourful game. Here’s a couple of levels that I uploaded myself to my facebook as I was playing the game straight from Wii U thanks to the image sharing capability 🙂

1398889_632810800094457_1494016925_o 1405020_631981196844084_416925864_o 1412522_636083846433819_758482878_o 1487732_632402563468614_452830200_o



The soundtrack is the absolute bizzniss. There was not a single track whether it was completely new or a remix of an old song that I did not enjoy. My favourite new track plays during one of the boss segments, it’s so upbeat and jazzy, it’s the song you can hear in the second official trailer Nintendo released

If I was to link every song I loved there would be a fair few videos. But here’s a remix of the snow theme  from 3D Land which sounds absolutely lovely in its new orchestrated form

The game has lots to offer. There’s plenty of new ideas that I don’t want to spoil. The really ‘big’ new thing about the game is the fact that it’s the first 3D Mario game that incorporates multi-player (up to four players, plenty of options for secondary controllers). It’s a brilliant addition. A lot of the levels that you might breeze through alone suddenly become very chaotic and fun with other players. I know I had a lot more fun playing some of the earlier stages with my girlfriend than I did alone. The later stages that require precession and good timing are definitely best played solo though, to avoid some serious frustration.

It’s kind of a given for most Wii U games now (damn you Lego City), but for those of you wondering, the game supports off tv play, multiple control schemes and miiverse functionality.

It’s a main series Mario games. It has fantastic graphics, music and gameplay. Honestly, what else was there to expect? It’s a must have title for most Wii U owners. I’d never call any one title a system seller. But this game, along with the plethora of other fantastic exclusives -Pikmin 3, The Wondeful 101, NintendoLand (Or NewfoundLand if auto correct is anything to go by), NSMBU +NSLU, Windwaker HD, Rayman Legends* (Unique features), Monster Hunter and Zombi U/Lego City/Sonic Lost World to some degree should hopefully start putting the Wii U on consumers maps.

If you at least don’t ever want to purchase a Wii U, find a friend who does and play this game, you owe it to yourself

Hope you’re all enjoy your holidays. I know I am 🙂

Drop me a comment if you have any questions about the game! And thanksssss for reading XD

-Tim Out!

My top 5 games of the year 2013


You need to click the picture so that the gif comes up in a tab of its own. It’s my xmas tree and my pet dog Bob 🙂

So, there’s no messing around today, we’re getting right into my own personal top 5 games of 2013. Now there’s still 21 days left in 2013, so that’s 21 days to change my mind. So actually here’s my top 5 game of 2013 – 21 days list. Much like my Zelda top 5, this was a very tough list to conjure. So I throw in honorable mentions at the end in no particular order just because I can 🙂

I’m going to keep this list to games released this year only. It seems a bit fairer, especially since I played some titles like Xenoblade, Sonic the Hedgehog 3, Megaman X and Super Mario Galaxy 2 to name a few for the first time this year. Another thing to note is I have admittedly not bought any new games on my Xbox 360 that were released this year. I did play games like Alan Wake, Gears of War and Modern Warfare 3. Tomb Raider has really caught my eye, but it’s only been a recent development. There were not many games that caught my eye to be honest and I jut got my PS3 so give me a break there! So there’s no underlying reason as to why no 360 or ps3 games didn’t make the list apart from the fact that I just genuinely haven’t played any.

So with all that said, please have a look at my top five games of 2013 – 21 days and I hope you enjoy. You may be surprised by number 1 🙂

Without further ado

Number five is

dah dah dah dahhhhhhhh

5. Rayman Legends

A (1)

I’m still a little sour over the delayed release debacle, but at the end of the day it never stopped Rayman Legends from being an absolutely wonderful game. I did a full review of this game some time ago so you can check out my full opinion of it there (If you’re interested, I’ll leave a link at the bottom). My absolute favourite way to play the game and in my opinion the best way to play the game is with one player as Murphy on the Wii U gamepad and another as Rayman (or any of the other unlockable characters) on the big screen. It’s clear from the level design that this was the intended way to play and this asymmetrical gameplay is something only the Wii U offers out of the box. I played it a few times on my own but it never felt quite as fun. I ended up playing the entire campaign with my girlfriend minus a few levels (see review). So here’s a tip from me, if you plan on purchasing Rayman Legends for the Wii U then try get a second player, it will be worth it! 🙂

Also, the rhythm platforming levels in this game have some of the best/funnest video game design I’ve ever had the honour to play! And finally, the art style is absolutely gorgeous and the music is lovely too 🙂

Moving on to nombre forze

4. Pokemon Y


Pokemon is just one of them games that we all enjoy and if we claim we don’t, it’s a big dirty lie! It doesn’t even make sense why it’s fun but it just is. This latest version is absolutely jam packed with both new and old ideas. While seeming very new there’s just so many throwbacks that it also felt very nostalgic. I’m a massive fan of the cel shaded art style. It genuinely finally felt like we were playing in the world portrayed by the anime. I’m glad they chose it over photo realism. One of favourite things in the game was the ‘team rocket’ group called team flare. They had a lot of attitude and I loved their  battle music. There’s too much things I loved to begin listing. Ultimately the best part of the game is the massive library of pokemon available to catch from the get go. I believe there’s around 350 pokemon! It meant that at every corner, at every new route I was always greeted by new pokemon I had never seen before. It was awesome. I’m still at victory road at the moment, as I’m near the end of Mario and Luigi Dream Team and it’s been getting very interesting! So when I finish that I’ll be hopping right back into Pokemon. I hope to have a review out for both games in the near future.

On a final note, the music in the game is absolutely awesome. The Lumiose city theme is so epic, I just couldn’t not link it

I look forward to destroying the elite four with my sexy Blaziken.


3. The Wonderful 101


If there’s one thing I love in video gaming it’s a game that dares to try something new. Not only does the Wonderful 101 try new things, these things are fun and enhance the overall gaming experience. Much like Rayman legends it all comes down to the Wii U and its gamepad. So in The Wonderufl 101 the main mechanic is the ability to draw figures (like a straight line or an S for example) on the gamepad which then make all of the wonderful 101 team on screen merge into some form of weapon the player can then use. It’s brilliant and really fun. It felt so so new. I loved every minute of combat. Which can’t be said about a lot of games these days where it usually amounts to serious button bashing. There’s ALOT of strategy in even the simplest of fights in this game. It’s not for the faint hearted and takes a lot of practice and re-runs to master. If you fear what lies beyond standard controls then this game is not for you. I for one, love a bit of innovation. Gamepad aside the game has everything else that makes a good game: Good story, varied gameplay, decent graphics and a fantastic soundtrack. Every boss fight felt  like THE end boss fight. Everything felt very grand and epic.

So I’m a  big platinum fan now. I just bought Bayonetta for the 360 and hope to play it before the release of number 2! I don’t actually think this game is for everyone. But this is my list and my number 3 heh heh

Wonder Pink is also, in the words of Kamiya, a cute babe.

Now moving on to number two

ju ready?

2. Super Mario 3D World.


:O I bet you all thought this would be number one !




Did I mention the cat suits?

Ok, It would be a bit of a cop out if that’s all I said. but seriously, beyond the cat suits there are a lot of new and really fun power ups which give way to some lovely innovative level design. It’s everything you would expect from a main series Mario game. Fun and smooth gameplay, lovely graphics and sound (no seriously the soundtrack is really really lovely) and just really great polish/attention to detail and jam packed with charm and fine touches and all that jazz.  I’ve finished the story mode on my own and am also playing it with my girlfriend. I can’t pick a favourite mode. There are benefits to both. The easier levels near the start of the game are much funner with other players. Exploring the game with my girlfriend was a blast. You get to see each others reactions to all the new things and it’s just great. On the flip side the more intense levels are probably better solo. I need my space when it comes to intense platforming, which this game really offers up in the post campaign stages. I gotta be in the zone boy, I gotta channel my Zen.

In 2013 this doesn’t get game of the year. But I think that it will be a game I’m going to play more and more and eventually it will travel up the list. It’s precisely what happened 3D Land. Which I’ve currently played through 3 times O_O

But my game of the year 2013 goes to another title. And another Nintendo title no less.

Before moving on I had to link this remix of the snow theme from 3D Land which is in this game, it’s just….nueghhhhhh


At number one we have

























Aliens: Colonial Marines! 






















1. Pikmin 3


Ah Pikmin 3. The word ‘delightful’ just sums this game right up. When I first saw the trailer of Pikmin 3 I had never seen or heard of the previous two games. I actually didn’t think much of it. I thought the Pikmin looked cute but that was it. It failed to catch my eye. If it wasn’t for the heaps of footage we got of this game during various Nintendo directs I probably wouldn’t have bothered with this series. Thank he who wanders in the night, our lord the great Cthulhu that that never happened.

Pikmin 3 is just such a relaxing and engrossing game. Of all the Wii U games I’ve played to date, Pikmin 3 has utilized the gamepad the best. You tap it, it instantly pauses the action, then you can use the touch controls to pick out a position for your character to walk to. Then you can switch to another character and give them a task. For a strategy game this offers up some seriously complex and brilliant gameplay that when mastered allows you to complete levels really efficiently and ultimately lower your ‘day count’ – You have 15 minute bursts to try complete objectives which span a day in game time, completing the objectives in as little days as possible (also without running out of fruit juice) is the overall goal of the game.

I knew from the moment I threw the disk in and the intro cutscene started playing that I as going to love it. All the characters are very likable and as I already said, the Pikmin you control are absolutely adorable. The moment you lose your first one, for whatever reason, is a fairly traumatic experience 😦 Sweet dreams young child.

Just like Mario the game has lovely graphics and sound. The tracks really help set the scene and are always quite pleasant and fitting. There’s a lot of attention to detail and polish. Miyamoto’s genius shines through once again with the creative level design and unique boss encounters.

SRSLY gaiz this game is just awesome. To top things off they just released some DLC with an Xmas themed level which comes at no additional cost. Here’s the trailer for it

So there you have it. Those were my top 5 games of 2013. Sure drop a comment listing your top 5 if you want. People apparently read this but never comment if my data is correctual. I’d like to hear from you! Some honorable mentions are Nintendoland which kept me and my cousins entertained fr a very long time. Xenoblade because it’s awesome. New Super Luigi U which was better than New Super Mario bros. U if we’re being honest. Super Mario Galaxy 2 because, because. And I can’t remember what else I’ve played!!!!!

Sending you a secular Christmas greeting,



-Tim Out!

Rayman Legends Review:

Pikmin 3 Review:

Gamestop misinformation I witnessed today



There’s giving misinformation and then there’s this worker I overheard in Henry street’s Gamestop today who takes the absolute cake. I really wanted to stop this guy in his tracks. Please don’t take this to mean I believe every worker in every Gamestop across the world is giving misinformation. That’s not the case. Any who, A kid is asking about the PSVita and the first thing I overhear is 

“Will GTA 5 be coming out on it?”

The response:

“Yea definitely. Next year for definite, probably early, in January or February”

All right, it’s a somewhat fair question. I don’t know much about the Vita, but it’s a powerful handheld and already plays games that look to me nearly on par with ps3 games. But I mean, really? If GTA V comes out on the Vita ever, then I’ll eat my hand. If Sony can drive up the installed base in Europe and the USA then I can see some sort of side game, like a ‘stories’ game. Does this guy seriously think Rockstar are hard at work beating out a vita port of GTA V? Maybe if Sony were throwing serious cash at them, but I really don’t think that’s happening. No, I don’t believe that’s what he really thought. Please, if it has actually been announced correct me if I’m wrong.

So this is followed directly by

“Or you could get the PS4 and stream it and then stream that to your PSVita because it has off TV play. PS4 is going to stream all PS3 games”

All Right. So the Vita does function as a second screen for the PS4, no problem there. But come on, the only information I could pull up about the Gakai streaming is that it is beginning testing in 2014 and should be out by the end of the year with no confirmation at all on the products that will be available other than the previous announcement of unspecified ps2 and ps3 games. That’s extremely vague. I don’t know what is going on in this guys mind that he can say with confidence the PS4 will be streaming every PS3 game. 

You might think he’s just trying to make a sale. But, without any prompt from anyone, the kid doesn’t even question about the 3DS, this is what he conjures up (in retrospect, they were conversing before I joined the queue too, so perhaps the kid had already been enquiring about the 3DS)

“I wouldn’t bother with the 3DS btw, no upcoming games”

….I just don’t know where to begin on that.

This isn’t about Sony or Nintendo, it could have gone either way. But it was just ridiculous biased fanboyism. They should flash a picture of Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo logos at potential employees for video game stores and if they cream their pants they should be told to jog on.

Here’s how I would have dealt with the kid:

“No, GTA V is not coming out on it, as far as I know. But I can check quick. I can check and see if there’s something similar too, have a look at the vita games over there too. For what it’s worth, if you don’t have a psp, there are full 3D GTA games out on it”

And that’s all that really needs to be said. 

Anyway, enjoy a picture I took of the O’Connell street Christmas tree in Dublin City Centre

-Tim Out!


Zelda Month (Ok, 1 day late) – My top 5 favorite Zelda games (so far)


So, those of you who follow Peanut Butter Gamer on YouTube are well aware that November has unofficially become Zelda month (I wrote most of this last week, it’s December the 1st, so I’m posting it one day too late) . Me and my girlfriend are big fans of PBG and have watched a fair few of his videos and all of the Zelda month videos posted (so far). He kicked things off with a hilarious video of Wind Waker glitches. I’d definitely recommend checking it out and subscribing to his channel if you have not already. He puts out some great content

Last year he did a top 5 (or maybe it was 10) Zelda games. So in honor of Zelda Month I thought I’d do the same! Now it should be noted that I’ve only played 6 Zelda games and not completed two of them, so this is more of an ordering of the games I have played. Link’s Awakening is the one game that does not make it onto the list. I wasn’t a big fan of it. I got stuck about halfway through and dropped it and never came back 😦 Maybe I’ll try it again in a year or two. I know a lot of people love it.

Before I start I want to make it perfectly clear that this ordering was very very difficult and I’m probable to change my mind in the future. The gap between some entries on the list is near minimal!

Without further ado, coming in at number 5 is

dah dah dah dahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

5. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker


Wind Waker is the other title on the list I mentioned that I did not finish. Let me explain. I was about 4/5 of the way or more through the game. I was at the part where you must collect the pieces of the triforce. Then I perchance happened to gaze upon a certain Nintendo Direct, which had a certain trailer for a certain HD remake in it. Basically they announced The Wind Waker HD and I dropped the game there and then. I knew I was going to get WWHD so I thought I may as well finish it then too. It’s tucked away somewhere in my sister’s room, I’ll be getting it for christmas 🙂

It’s got that lovely cel shaded graphics style and it breaks my heart that something so simple can be a barrier to people. A really great game is here and it has and will be ignored because of the graphics. The neon colours are very striking when facing some of the bosses and then cin opposition to that some of Link’s facial expressions are made exceptionally adorable by the style! Anyway, I never got bored of exploring the sea, as many claim they had, not with the fantastic overworld theme blasting through my speakers. It genuinely gave me a great feeling of adventure.

It’s definitely one of the simpler Zelda titles and one I would recommend, maybe even the most, to people who are looking to get into the Zelda series. One of my favorite tracks from the game is Outset Island’s theme.

It’s very upbeat and happy. I absolutely loved the motifs from the Kokori Village theme song splashed throughout it. Which of course hints that Outset Island was once Kokori Village. Although the Deku Tree isn’t there so that now has me confused. Ah well, I now have something to Google. All in all I found Wind Waker to be a delightful experience and I’m excited to both re-play and finish it. I plan on playing the two related DS games afterward too. Exciting times gaiz. Moving on to nombre 4.

4. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (3D)




Ok ok. Relax. I know. Many many may Zelda fans have this game at the top of their lists and even some will put a strong proposition forward that it’s the greatest game ever made. WELL WATEVS. It’s seriously is  an absolutely fantastic game though. The reason it’s not first is my own fault. I made the mistake of letting this be my first Zelda game. It’s not that I’m saying it’s a hard game, but it’s certainly not friendly if you’re new to the series. Too many times I didn’t know what to do or where to go. And I would of used the stones that guide you but I didn’t know how. I ended up looking up walkthroughs far too often and it ruined the experience a bit for me. I still thought the game was brilliant while I was playing it. When you step out onto Hyrule field and the theme starts playing and seeing the world open out in fron of you is nothing short of epic. Just thinking about Links “HYUH” as you roll your way from place to place ( because for all Link’s strengths the chap can’t sprint) brings a smile to my face. You also get stalked by an owl. That’s cool. On to NUMBAH 3!

3. The Legend of Zelda


So after playing Ocarina of Time I decided I liked this series and that I’d try out some of the other games. So I thought where better to start than the beginning? I also thought that the mechanics would be at their most basic in the first entry so I could more or less build up my understanding of them from here. I have to admit I was completely hooked on this game. I have an old CRT tv at the end of my bed, I hooked the gamecube up to it and played it via the collector’s edition. I always want to get the intended experience out of old games so I always track down the instruction manuals. Something I know a lot of reviewers don’t do, and then complain like “How was I supposed to know b and down would throw a grenade” and I’m like READ.THE.MANUAL.YOU.SALAD. But anyway, I did indeed find the manual and it actually helps you out to find the first dungeon and not only that but the original game actually came with a map!


And to be honest I can’t imagine the game is even playable without it. It massively enhances the experiences. It more or less gives you the locations of the first few dungeons and other things to investigate. Then you can jot down notes on it and even fill out the remaining empty squares by hand. Just having the map beside you, I dunno, I guess it made the experience seem more real. Something else I did was draw the dungeons as I went along, it’s pretty easy because the dungeons just consist of blocks, so you just start in the middle of the page and then add a block as needed. I actually found the pages I did these on in my notepad that’s dedicated to taking notes for games, although I couldn’t find my map :(. Here’s an example


Yea, I really got into the game.

I loved it, I really did. It felt extremely nostalgic and yet I had never even played it before. That’s something very special. I had my blanket wrapped around me, map by my side and was up until 2 or 3 in the morning trying to get through some of the harder dungeons at the edge of my bed glaring at the CRT tv. Unforgettable.

Moving on to number 2!

2. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past


This would be the first Zelda game me and my girlfriend played together and by played together I mean I played it and she watched 😀 Well, what can I say about a Link to the Past that hasn’t already been said? It’s a superb game. There are SO many dungeons to complete that I was shocked when, upon thinking I had everything done, I was thrown into the dark world! It was really brilliant how they overcame the hardware boundaries. I was finally in the groove of things when it came to playing this game too.  When I got stuck, it always felt like my own fault. Getting stuck was finally fun!

We thoroughly enjoyed A Link to the Past. I honestly can’t find a flaw with it. It was perfectly paced, perfectly structured and just perfect. I’ve seen footage of A Link Between Worlds and I REALLY like what I’m seeing. I’m very excited to play it. But I think I’ll play Twilight Princess first. The remixes of the ALTTP music in ALBW already has me mad buzzed. Just listen to the dark overworld theme



1. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword


To me, this game is just the epitome of what The Legend of Zelda is all about. I really felt that Nintendo absolutely nailed it. It just felt like the absolute perfect concoction of all things Zelda. It’s on that plateau of favorite games of all time for sure along with other titles like Super Mario Galaxy and Kingdom Heart 2 and others.

Soaring through the sky on the wings of your crimson loftwing with that epic Sky theme blaring in the background and effortlessly tilting the controller to guide the bird via motion controls was just an experience unlike anything before. It was epic, pure epic. Everything about the game was epic. All of the motion controls were just spot on. Some of my favorite things to do were guide the beetle, shoot arrows and fight with swordplay all thanks to the motion controls. I have no complaints about Skyward Sword. Every moment was a moment of pure joy. Gaming Bliss. I’ll leave you with my favorite track from the game, enjoy

Thank you for reading, feel free to comment your top 5 Zelda games.

The top 5’s are always ridiculously dissimilar in the Zelda community!

I’m enjoying Super Mario 3D World a little too much at the moment. Is anyone else playing it?

Happy Gaming.

-Tim Out!

Warner Brothers Humble Bundle


So if you’re unfamiliar with the humble bundle it’s a scheme whereby you donate as much money as you want and get a select few pc games. You get steam code links that you click and they self activate after a log in. The neatest thing about it is that the money goes to charity and you can completely control how much of it goes to charity. There are three parties involved: The game publisher, humble bundle and the game publisher’s selected charity. You choose how much to donate overall and then can choose how much to give to each party. There’s usually a barrier that if you donate over you will get more titles. The barrier is the average payment which currently is just 4.64 dollars. The reason I’m posting about it this week in specific is because the titles are fantastic. You get

  • Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY
  • F.E.A.R 2 Project Origin
  • F.E.A.R 3
  • LOTR War in the North
  • ——— beyond 4.64———-
  • Scribblenauts Unlimited
  • Batman Arkham City GOTY

I thought it was an excellent opportunity for me to try out steam and PC gaming. And if it turns out I don’t like it or my PC isn’t powerful enough, well then I’ve just given some money to charity.

I’m currently having problems with my Xbox 360 controller on my PC. I’ve installed the software and the driver but it won’t connect. I just get flashing green lights instead of a stable quadrant. I tried uninstalling and re-installing everything multiple times but it didn’t help. I think it could be my play and charge kit being a shit bag!

EDIT: Completely forgot to give the link, here it is:

It’s the 9/11/13 and there’s 10 days remaining for this bundle!

Anyway, that’s it for this post

Tim Out!

Luigi’s Mansion Gamecube Review/Discusion


So in honour of the Ear of Weegeeee the girlfriend and I (well mostly I) decided we would play through Luigi’s Mansion over Halloween! Neither of us have ever played it before now, so it was a totally fresh experience. Having owned a Ps2 during that era I really enjoy discovering and playing through gamecube titles. I’ve already played Pikmin and 3/4 of Windwaker (I stopped playing it when the HD version was announced) this year. I also played the original The legend of Zelda through the collector’s edition on the gamecube this summer.

I have to say we both quite enjoyed this game. The story is very simple. Luigi entered some competition and wins a mansion. This is not even explained in game, at least I don’t think it was (correct me if I’m wrong), but in the instruction manual. So the game opens up with a short cut scene of Luigi walking up to and entering the mansion which looks anything but inviting


We find out that Mario was already here and came to congratulate Luigi on his prize, however he has gone missing. And so we essentially set out to save Mario. It’s nice and simple as is usually expected of most Nintendo titles since they tend to focus more on gameplay. So understandably fans were not very happy when the title only got players an average of 6-8 hours gameplay, max. To be honest if I paid full price for this game back near launch, with the faith I have in Nintendo to deliver a lot of content, I definitely would have been one of the annoyed customers. Seeing as how I paid only 10 euro for the game I didn’t really care. I had already known it was short so I wasn’t let down come the early end.

The gameplay is very fun. Luigi sucks up ghosts with a vacuum called the ‘poltergust 3000’ much like in ghost busters, minus the vacuum. The vacuum is also used to suck up money, hearts and other things along the way. When you catch a ghost you have to keep sucking (LOL) and basically wrestle with them by pointing the yellow c-stick in the opposite direction of the ghosts motion. It’s actually really fun. I found myself over applying pressure etc even though I know it has no effect just because I was getting into it. The ghosts come in many varieties and have different ways in which they can be captured. There is also some elemental pieces which turn your poltergust into a flamethrower, water gun and ice blower. These are used to solve puzzles and tackle certain ghosts. All in all I really liked the poltergust and the whole vacuuming mechanic.

There are relatively few bosses throughout the course of the game (Although there are a plethora of mini bosses) but they are all very fun and are actually fairly challenging. In fact, I’m sure I died once on all of them and then beat them all the second time around. The final boss took me 5 tries to beat. We had to consult a walk through to see where I was going wrong so skip to the end of the paragraph if you don’t want to read some spoilers. O.k so, when Bowser throws the spiked bombs, I was trying to suck them up from a short distance (as you would any other object or ghost in the game) assuming if I touched them they would explode. But as it turns out, you have to actually touch the vacuum off the ball. I think it was a bit un fair to be honest and anti intuitive. But hey, once I knew that, it was a very fun boss.

Visually the game is really nice and it appears Ninty pushed the hardware quite well. There’s a lot of attention to detail and along with the music there is a real nice atmosphere created. Especially since we were playing it over Halloween. Here’s a song I really liked, I was humming it a lot while playing the game. Speaking of humming, Luigi actually nervously hums himself to the music while traversing the mansion, it’s quite adorable. Here’s the song, you can hear the fear in poor Weegee’s voice

So, all in all I found this game quite enjoyable. It was short and sweet and good for Halloween vibes. I will definitely be picking up the sequel, but I’ll be waiting until next Halloween. It was good of Nintendo to experiment. They did a lot of experimentation during the gamecube era and I feel that’s why they lost a lot of sales. People are only starting to come around to these titles now with the much better reception of windwaker, because of its at the time controversial cel shaded art style, and a fabulous reception of Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon on the 3DS. I hope this becomes a well supported spin off series.

The next gamecube game I aim to tackle is another controversial one, Super Mario Sunshine. But, I think I’ll wait until after Super Mario 3D World is released and I’ve played that. So I’m undecided what retro game I’ll tackle now. But I might try Yoshi’s Island or Megaman X. I was also thinking of Sonic 3 or Ratchet and Clank. I’ve a massive backlog and like to take my time to enjoy games, so I tend to add more game on than I get to play. It’s all good though. Better to have loads of games than none 🙂

Any gamecube games people think I should try? Or any retro games at all?

-Tim Out!

Trine 2: Director’s Cut Wii-U eshop (Quick Review)



EDIT: The game is currently 6.79 (60% off) on the eshop,  this lasts until the 14/11/13

I downloaded Trine 2 very near the Wii U launch window. I was eager to try out the indie titles and this one really caught my eye.  I believe I paid in and around 18 euro for it and to be honest it was really worth the price. First off the game looks absolutely gorgeous. The levels are really lovely and go from snowy mountainous environments (ma favvv) to sunny beaches, forests, castles and more! The story is quite simple. A mysterious object called the Trine brings three heroes (A magician, A knight and an Archer) and sends them on an adventure. I’ll give you no more than that! I’ve not actually played the original Trine, so I’ve no idea what the Trine is or anything about the plot of the first game. It doesn’t seem to matter however as this story is completely independent. Or at least it appears to be! The music is nothing to write home about but at the same time the tracks are in no way annoying or bad. There’s a nice medieval vibe to a lot of them.

So, essentially you can control any of the three characters and can switch between them by tapping the L or R trigger. Each has their own set of abilities. The magician (called Amadeus) can levitate and create objects, the Archer (Zoya) can use a grappling hook to swing out of things and can of course shoot arrows and the Knight (Pontius) can throw a big hammer and fight foes with a sword. A big part of the game is puzzle solving. A good thing I found is that there are generally more than one way to solve the puzzles, once your magic is well leveled up! Some of the puzzles were very tricky and even stumped me for a while. Which was good, because I enjoy problem solving.

Overall I think it was a decent puzzle solving and platforming adventure game and definitely worth picking up at the very least the next time there’s a sale. The Wii U version comes with some included DLC that I’ve just started playing. There’s also online multiplayer which works really well and of course off tv play (which I honestly found the best way to play the game since the point and click aspect of levitating objects that is usually handled by the analog sticks on consoles is now controlled with the stylus).You can also get the game on steam and PSN, again I’d wait for a sale. It’s also coming to PS4 as a launch title with even more included DLC.

Here’s a trailer and some gameplay footage to see if it might be a game for you. Both pretty much show off wht it’s all about although you won’t be moving through the levels at the pace of the trailer to be honest!


Gameplay footage:

I really like indies. They can offer gameplay as deep and imaginative (if not more) than a lot of AAA titles for a fraction of the price. I don’t remember the developer who said this, but I agree to some extent

“The mechanics you see in indies today are the mechanics you will see in AAA titles in a few years”

Indies definitely can be more flexible and creative, for many reasons, so it’s not altogether a baseless claim. Although it’s obviously not wholeheartedly true. Anyway I find I am spiraling off topic. Thanks for reading 🙂 It was a quick review so if there is anything you want to know about the game in detail don’t hesitate to drop a comment

-Tim Out!

Pokemon Y update and other stuffs (30/10/13)

So it’s been a while since I’ve written a blog. Mostly due to being very focused in college (I’m in my last year of my undergrad). I’ve still found plenty of time to game though! I’ve been playing Pokemon Y as you all know and also Xenoblade and Mario + Luigi Dream Team. The other night me and my girlfriend started Luigi’s Mansion since it’s Halloween on Thursday (which just so happens to be tomorrow actually) and it’s the Ear of Weegee! So far we are really enjoying it. The bosses have been quite fun. I absolutely love the way Luigi hums to the music, it’s adorkable. I’ll probably write up a review when I’m finished. I’ll definitely be looking into getting Dark Moon at some stage. I’m nearly finished Xenoblade too (at least I think I am) but I’m not rushing to finish anything, I play things when I want and I’ve been doing a fair few side quests in Xenoblade 🙂 I don’t even know if Xenoblade needs a review; I’d recommend it to anyone who likes open world RPGs and of course has a Wii. It’s ridiculously good. It definitely stands beside Kingdom Hearts 2 and Final Fantasy 7 as one of my all time favs. Speaking of RPGs my girlfriend has Ni No Kuni hidden away somewhere, I’m getting it for xmas 😀 And Sonic Lost World too (Although I’m very tempted to just give her the money for it, but I know I shouldn’t)! I want to get Windwaker HD for xmas too. HINT HINT. And Zelda A Link Between Worlds, and Bravely Default, and Super Mario 3D World and more!! AuEGHHEGh.

On the Pokemon side of things I have to say I’m really freakin’ enjoying this game. I look forward to playing it everyday on the train, during college and before going to bed. I find it hard to put down. If I didn’t have so much college work I know I’d be hitting some serious hours. At the moment though I just reached 30 hours gameplay (nearly matching Dream Team already). If you don’t want to read any spoilers for reference I’m just on route 15 and have 6 badges. I can’t even remember what I talked about in my last update. But something really sweet was getting a Lapras. It was a really lovely throwback. Threw that bad boy right in Cassius’s PC though since I got myself a sexy Blastoise to surf on. I’m coming to really like Team Flare. Probably because of their awesome theme music

I actually really like when it plays as you make eye contact. It’s the same song just with a more driving rhythm. But I couldn’t find it on teh youtubez.

Some of the environments have been ridiculously cool like inside the power plant  and the building with the massive Lucario statue where you get the mega stone. In fact, all of the environments have been really lovely. Even route 15 with the leaves on the ground. I’m wondering if there is seasons or if there will simply be a snowy region coming up. Either way I want some snowy environment! K so I wrote a draft and then took the train home from college and I got to the town where it’s snowing on the way 😀 Thought I would throw that in before publishing the blog. ILOVESNOWYENVIRONMENTS

So here’s some more pictures I took in game. Please enjoy!

HNI_0051 HNI_0052 HNI_0053 HNI_0054 HNI_0055 HNI_0056 HNI_0058


-Tim Out!