Gamestop misinformation I witnessed today



There’s giving misinformation and then there’s this worker I overheard in Henry street’s Gamestop today who takes the absolute cake. I really wanted to stop this guy in his tracks. Please don’t take this to mean I believe every worker in every Gamestop across the world is giving misinformation. That’s not the case. Any who, A kid is asking about the PSVita and the first thing I overhear is 

“Will GTA 5 be coming out on it?”

The response:

“Yea definitely. Next year for definite, probably early, in January or February”

All right, it’s a somewhat fair question. I don’t know much about the Vita, but it’s a powerful handheld and already plays games that look to me nearly on par with ps3 games. But I mean, really? If GTA V comes out on the Vita ever, then I’ll eat my hand. If Sony can drive up the installed base in Europe and the USA then I can see some sort of side game, like a ‘stories’ game. Does this guy seriously think Rockstar are hard at work beating out a vita port of GTA V? Maybe if Sony were throwing serious cash at them, but I really don’t think that’s happening. No, I don’t believe that’s what he really thought. Please, if it has actually been announced correct me if I’m wrong.

So this is followed directly by

“Or you could get the PS4 and stream it and then stream that to your PSVita because it has off TV play. PS4 is going to stream all PS3 games”

All Right. So the Vita does function as a second screen for the PS4, no problem there. But come on, the only information I could pull up about the Gakai streaming is that it is beginning testing in 2014 and should be out by the end of the year with no confirmation at all on the products that will be available other than the previous announcement of unspecified ps2 and ps3 games. That’s extremely vague. I don’t know what is going on in this guys mind that he can say with confidence the PS4 will be streaming every PS3 game. 

You might think he’s just trying to make a sale. But, without any prompt from anyone, the kid doesn’t even question about the 3DS, this is what he conjures up (in retrospect, they were conversing before I joined the queue too, so perhaps the kid had already been enquiring about the 3DS)

“I wouldn’t bother with the 3DS btw, no upcoming games”

….I just don’t know where to begin on that.

This isn’t about Sony or Nintendo, it could have gone either way. But it was just ridiculous biased fanboyism. They should flash a picture of Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo logos at potential employees for video game stores and if they cream their pants they should be told to jog on.

Here’s how I would have dealt with the kid:

“No, GTA V is not coming out on it, as far as I know. But I can check quick. I can check and see if there’s something similar too, have a look at the vita games over there too. For what it’s worth, if you don’t have a psp, there are full 3D GTA games out on it”

And that’s all that really needs to be said. 

Anyway, enjoy a picture I took of the O’Connell street Christmas tree in Dublin City Centre

-Tim Out!



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