Trine 2: Director’s Cut Wii-U eshop (Quick Review)



EDIT: The game is currently 6.79 (60% off) on the eshop,  this lasts until the 14/11/13

I downloaded Trine 2 very near the Wii U launch window. I was eager to try out the indie titles and this one really caught my eye.  I believe I paid in and around 18 euro for it and to be honest it was really worth the price. First off the game looks absolutely gorgeous. The levels are really lovely and go from snowy mountainous environments (ma favvv) to sunny beaches, forests, castles and more! The story is quite simple. A mysterious object called the Trine brings three heroes (A magician, A knight and an Archer) and sends them on an adventure. I’ll give you no more than that! I’ve not actually played the original Trine, so I’ve no idea what the Trine is or anything about the plot of the first game. It doesn’t seem to matter however as this story is completely independent. Or at least it appears to be! The music is nothing to write home about but at the same time the tracks are in no way annoying or bad. There’s a nice medieval vibe to a lot of them.

So, essentially you can control any of the three characters and can switch between them by tapping the L or R trigger. Each has their own set of abilities. The magician (called Amadeus) can levitate and create objects, the Archer (Zoya) can use a grappling hook to swing out of things and can of course shoot arrows and the Knight (Pontius) can throw a big hammer and fight foes with a sword. A big part of the game is puzzle solving. A good thing I found is that there are generally more than one way to solve the puzzles, once your magic is well leveled up! Some of the puzzles were very tricky and even stumped me for a while. Which was good, because I enjoy problem solving.

Overall I think it was a decent puzzle solving and platforming adventure game and definitely worth picking up at the very least the next time there’s a sale. The Wii U version comes with some included DLC that I’ve just started playing. There’s also online multiplayer which works really well and of course off tv play (which I honestly found the best way to play the game since the point and click aspect of levitating objects that is usually handled by the analog sticks on consoles is now controlled with the stylus).You can also get the game on steam and PSN, again I’d wait for a sale. It’s also coming to PS4 as a launch title with even more included DLC.

Here’s a trailer and some gameplay footage to see if it might be a game for you. Both pretty much show off wht it’s all about although you won’t be moving through the levels at the pace of the trailer to be honest!


Gameplay footage:

I really like indies. They can offer gameplay as deep and imaginative (if not more) than a lot of AAA titles for a fraction of the price. I don’t remember the developer who said this, but I agree to some extent

“The mechanics you see in indies today are the mechanics you will see in AAA titles in a few years”

Indies definitely can be more flexible and creative, for many reasons, so it’s not altogether a baseless claim. Although it’s obviously not wholeheartedly true. Anyway I find I am spiraling off topic. Thanks for reading 🙂 It was a quick review so if there is anything you want to know about the game in detail don’t hesitate to drop a comment

-Tim Out!


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