Pokemon Y update and other stuffs (30/10/13)

So it’s been a while since I’ve written a blog. Mostly due to being very focused in college (I’m in my last year of my undergrad). I’ve still found plenty of time to game though! I’ve been playing Pokemon Y as you all know and also Xenoblade and Mario + Luigi Dream Team. The other night me and my girlfriend started Luigi’s Mansion since it’s Halloween on Thursday (which just so happens to be tomorrow actually) and it’s the Ear of Weegee! So far we are really enjoying it. The bosses have been quite fun. I absolutely love the way Luigi hums to the music, it’s adorkable. I’ll probably write up a review when I’m finished. I’ll definitely be looking into getting Dark Moon at some stage. I’m nearly finished Xenoblade too (at least I think I am) but I’m not rushing to finish anything, I play things when I want and I’ve been doing a fair few side quests in Xenoblade ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t even know if Xenoblade needs a review; I’d recommend it to anyone who likes open world RPGs and of course has a Wii. It’s ridiculously good. It definitely stands beside Kingdom Hearts 2 and Final Fantasy 7 as one of my all time favs. Speaking of RPGs my girlfriend has Ni No Kuni hidden away somewhere, I’m getting it for xmas ๐Ÿ˜€ And Sonic Lost World too (Although I’m very tempted to just give her the money for it, but I know I shouldn’t)! I want to get Windwaker HD for xmas too. HINT HINT. And Zelda A Link Between Worlds, and Bravely Default, and Super Mario 3D World and more!! AuEGHHEGh.

On the Pokemon side of things I have to say I’m really freakin’ enjoying this game. I look forward to playing it everyday on the train, during college and before going to bed. I find it hard to put down. If I didn’t have so much college work I know I’d be hitting some serious hours. At the moment though I just reached 30 hours gameplay (nearly matching Dream Team already). If you don’t want to read any spoilers for reference I’m just on route 15 and have 6 badges. I can’t even remember what I talked about in my last update. But something really sweet was getting a Lapras. It was a really lovely throwback. Threw that bad boy right in Cassius’s PC though since I got myself a sexy Blastoise to surf on. I’m coming to really like Team Flare. Probably because of their awesome theme music

I actually really like when it plays as you make eye contact. It’s the same song just with a more driving rhythm. But I couldn’t find it on teh youtubez.

Some of the environments have been ridiculously cool like inside the power plant ย and the building with the massive Lucario statue where you get the mega stone. In fact, all of the environments have been really lovely. Even route 15 with the leaves on the ground. I’m wondering if there is seasons or if there will simply be a snowy region coming up. Either way I want some snowy environment! K so I wrote a draft and then took the train home from college and I got to the town where it’s snowing on the way ๐Ÿ˜€ Thought I would throw that in before publishing the blog. ILOVESNOWYENVIRONMENTS

So here’s some more pictures I took in game. Please enjoy!

HNI_0051 HNI_0052 HNI_0053 HNI_0054 HNI_0055 HNI_0056 HNI_0058


-Tim Out!


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