Pokemon Y update (progress) 14/10



(A pic I took in game, if you take a pic in game you just need to put your SD card in your computer/laptop/tablet and it’s in the DCIM folder)

So I thought I’d write a quick one updating my progress in Pokemon Y thus far! Because why the froak not!?!? 🙂 I doubt this will be spoiler free so for reference, I’m just at the second gym.

I’m currently twelve hours into the game. I’ve caught myself a whopping 50 pokemans (and pokewomens). As I’ve said above I’m just at the second gym so I’ve still only one badge! I have to say I’m really really enjoying it. There’s something about it that makes me want to pick it back up the moment I set it down. I don’t have an overall goal, I just catch pokemon as I go and then fight everyone and keep going. I’ve never returned to an area to catch a particular pokemon. I think I’ll leave completing the dex until the end. There have been so many lovey cliche pokemon moments; For example Snorlax being a fat ass blocking the bridge! I absolutely loved glittering cave; I got the Tyrannosaurus pokemon and also I  managed to pick up an amber item that was turned into an aerodactyl! Woo! Which means I can mega evolve him because I got the aerodactyl(stone thing?ite?) from the assistant. V excited for that lads. Oh and here’s a pro tip for those of you who are not so cavemathically inclined. If you always take the left turn (or right), even when you see the exits or new doors, then you will visit every part of the cave once and only once!

Something really cool that’s happened is the amount of street passes I usually get has doubled today already. I typically get about an average of 5 in the city and I’ve already got about 10 today (and another 2 since writing the draft) . And the ‘I’ve been playing’ for most of them have been pokemon! When I got on the train this morning I plumped down on a seat not really noticing what’s going. I pull out my 3DS and boot up pokemon. Moments later the guy sitting right next to me gives me a sly tap on the shoulder. I turn around and there he is 3DS in hand with a cheeky grin on his face and pokemon up and running.

We connected.

Ah no, but seriously he was a really nice guy and we had a great chat about pokemon for the rest of the journey. Thanks to the streetpass functionality of pokemon I’ve now saved him in my favorites 🙂

Some other things that are/were cool or funny

  • Riding on Rhyhorn
  • The amazing Lumiose city music
  • Capturing a sexy cubone (A personal favorite pokemon)
  • Getting Torchic on promotion and him leveling up like crazy
  • Getting a squirtle was awesome too
  • The messages from around the world on the PSS
  • This https://vine.co/v/hHVg9JjQ3lP (Thanks PBG)
  • Lumiose city itself which was hard to get used to the camera and navigate at first! But still really cool!
  • Team Flare’s suits
  • Honedge
  • Did I mention Honedge?

So how’s your pokemon journey going? 🙂

-Tim Out!


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