Look what I just got :)




It’s finally here.

I had an internal debate between paying 35 euro for the game and getting it a week late or just coughing up the 50 euro to get it today. I CHOSE THE LATTER AND I DON’T REGRET IT BABAY! No seriously there was a lot of discussion, memos back and forth and reshuffling at the office but we decided the extra 15 euro was feasible. So yea it’s fabulous. I’ve clocked up four hours so far and I absolutely adore it. I didn’t think I’d get as emotional as I did with the opening cut scene. I found it really hard to put down but I’ve got to get to some study now 😦 Honestly if you’re at all on the fence just get the damn thing! I hope everyone’s having as much fun with it as I am. I’ll have a full review up when I’m finished it, which will probably be yonks away. Until then, I bid you a Jew!

-Tim Out!


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