3 Days Until Pokemon! HYPE!!

I’m wayyyyyy too excited for this game. I’ve been watching Pokemon Origins and it’s been getting me super pumped. If you haven’t watched it or been watching it btw I’d definitely recommend doing so! I’m not going to spoil a single thing but naturally for anyone who played red, blue or yellow as a kid…you’ll be sipping on some serious nostalgia Kool Aid. Here’s a link where you can watch them online:


The other 3 episodes are up too, just search “Pokemon Origins”

So I’m 99.999999999% sure I’ll be getting Pokemon Y. Mostly because of the initial reveal trailer where we just saw Yveltal and Xerneas. Don’t get me wrong I think Xerneas is a lovely majestic creature but Yveltal just looks like a fucking bad ass. His box art is just so “COME AT ME BRO”.


Absolute badass. And then there’s Mega Mewtwo Y who looks infinitely better than Mega Mewtwo X; don’ care wah ya say, don’ care. He’s slick and looks a bit like Majin Buu from dragonball Z (My DBZ lingo is not up to scratch, sorry if it’s actually kid buu or something). Whereas I don’t even know what Mewtwo X is all about. GO HOME.




Not slick.

Now I’m going to have to be the bigger man here and admit that Charizard X is lookin’ well. I think it was the colour palette swap that made it so: “D: WATISDIS. WATTTTISSSSDISSSSS”. That’s not to say I’m not loving Charizard Y either though so it’s not a problemo. If push comes to shove I’ll get somebody to trade me him or I’ll just buy Pokemon X at some stage down the road. OR I’ll buy it for my girlfriend who doesn’t even play video games for Christmas and then offer to take the useless game off her hands. Either or, ya know?


100% Sexy


99% sexy

I forgot to mention that MCharizard Y is a flying type and MC X is not. So while I’m being a bad ass flying around on my mother fuckin’ Charizard all you Pokemon X players will be like “But mine’s a Dragon type so there :*,( *sniff*”. Good luck to yih baiz! Flying on a Charizard? The stuff of dreams. (All figuratively of course) *cough*notreallyafriendpointedouttheyonlymegaevolveduringbattlesandieditedthisin*cough*

Well I really didn’t want to see any actual spoilers beyond official reveals so those are the only Megas I know about but I’m also really looking forward to hoards, sky battles, riding Pokemon, skating and all the other cool new stuff announced in the Trailers.

It’s gonna’ be ace.

Here’s a deadly app that lets you create your own Pokemon Trainer. I think we should all do it and update our facebook (or twitter or whatever) pic for the launch! I’ve already done it here’s mine



True Story. Here’s the link:


It looks like gamestop will be doing a midnight launch in the U.S anyway (I don’t know about Europe and I definitely doubt Ireland). In fact, funny storyy time. When I went down to pre order Kingdom Hearts 3D I was like to the guy behind the counter

“So man, is there anything really big coming out Friday night that I might be able to stroll down and pick this up during that event?”

(Because I had seen the window was plastered in Diablo posters)

and he’s like

*huh, pffft* “YEA, we’re not opening for a 3DS game dude”. Then him and the other guy behind the counter started laughing. Meanwhile I’m thinking





haha. For realz.

So they won’t be opening for 3DS games just in case you were wondering! I don’t think I’d do a midnight launch anyway. I’ll be wrecked Friday. I don’t want to stand around in the cold for two hours to pick up a game I won’t play until the morning anyway.

So yea. It’s gonna be sweet. Drop me a comment if you want my 3DS friend code.

We can be friends.




Thanks for reading!

– Tim Out!


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