Pokemon Y update and other stuffs (30/10/13)

So it’s been a while since I’ve written a blog. Mostly due to being very focused in college (I’m in my last year of my undergrad). I’ve still found plenty of time to game though! I’ve been playing Pokemon Y as you all know and also Xenoblade and Mario + Luigi Dream Team. The other night me and my girlfriend started Luigi’s Mansion since it’s Halloween on Thursday (which just so happens to be tomorrow actually) and it’s the Ear of Weegee! So far we are really enjoying it. The bosses have been quite fun. I absolutely love the way Luigi hums to the music, it’s adorkable. I’ll probably write up a review when I’m finished. I’ll definitely be looking into getting Dark Moon at some stage. I’m nearly finished Xenoblade too (at least I think I am) but I’m not rushing to finish anything, I play things when I want and I’ve been doing a fair few side quests in Xenoblade 🙂 I don’t even know if Xenoblade needs a review; I’d recommend it to anyone who likes open world RPGs and of course has a Wii. It’s ridiculously good. It definitely stands beside Kingdom Hearts 2 and Final Fantasy 7 as one of my all time favs. Speaking of RPGs my girlfriend has Ni No Kuni hidden away somewhere, I’m getting it for xmas 😀 And Sonic Lost World too (Although I’m very tempted to just give her the money for it, but I know I shouldn’t)! I want to get Windwaker HD for xmas too. HINT HINT. And Zelda A Link Between Worlds, and Bravely Default, and Super Mario 3D World and more!! AuEGHHEGh.

On the Pokemon side of things I have to say I’m really freakin’ enjoying this game. I look forward to playing it everyday on the train, during college and before going to bed. I find it hard to put down. If I didn’t have so much college work I know I’d be hitting some serious hours. At the moment though I just reached 30 hours gameplay (nearly matching Dream Team already). If you don’t want to read any spoilers for reference I’m just on route 15 and have 6 badges. I can’t even remember what I talked about in my last update. But something really sweet was getting a Lapras. It was a really lovely throwback. Threw that bad boy right in Cassius’s PC though since I got myself a sexy Blastoise to surf on. I’m coming to really like Team Flare. Probably because of their awesome theme music

I actually really like when it plays as you make eye contact. It’s the same song just with a more driving rhythm. But I couldn’t find it on teh youtubez.

Some of the environments have been ridiculously cool like inside the power plant  and the building with the massive Lucario statue where you get the mega stone. In fact, all of the environments have been really lovely. Even route 15 with the leaves on the ground. I’m wondering if there is seasons or if there will simply be a snowy region coming up. Either way I want some snowy environment! K so I wrote a draft and then took the train home from college and I got to the town where it’s snowing on the way 😀 Thought I would throw that in before publishing the blog. ILOVESNOWYENVIRONMENTS

So here’s some more pictures I took in game. Please enjoy!

HNI_0051 HNI_0052 HNI_0053 HNI_0054 HNI_0055 HNI_0056 HNI_0058


-Tim Out!


My thoughts on the Xbox One Kinect 2.0

So I was just watching a Review Tech USA video. In fact it was this one (Although I’m not discussing the content of the video):

And I found myself writing a very lengthy reply to a comment which was unfairly criticizing the Kinect 2.0 and Microsoft’s decision to box in a peripheral. So I decided that since I run a video game blog that I’d scrap that and just write up my thoughts here. Now we really need to throw our fanboy goggles out the door when discussing this. I’m writing this not as  Nintendo fanboy but as a video game fan who likes Nintendo games. If you still think Sony ‘won’ e3 this summer by offering to not take away services you already had with your ps3, then it’s time to stop reading. If that even got you flared up a tiny bit then you really should consider your position. It’s become far too taboo to say anything positive about Microsoft or criticize Sony in anyway (and the norm to ignore Nintendo or say they’re doomed). I won’t be adhering to these unwritten rules here and if that upsets you then by all means there are plenty of articles that disagree with me, go read one of them.

Now of course these are just my thoughts; I change my mind very frequently but I think I’ve been as fair as possible here. A key thing to note is that this is all down to my own personal experiences and I’ve obviously based conclusions off of them and nothing else besides what I gather from discussing these things with people in various forums (A big shout out to PE) and just observing other peoples input across articles and Youtube etc.

So there’s been a lot of criticism over the fact that the Kinect 2.0 comes bundled with every Xbox One. I just want to put aside the stuff about security i.e Microsoft selling your Skype chats to the government and consider the product. Even putting them things aside many have said that Microsoft should be selling the Kinect 2.0 as an add on. Most of them citing the original Kinect (1.0?) and related games as enough proof that it (the 2.0) will be a bad product. I couldn’t disagree more with that projection. I say that even though I didn’t really enjoy the Kinect experience myself. Allow me to explain myself.

So I really feel that having a boxed peripheral is just a completely different ball game to an optional add on. With an add on like kinect (1.0) or psmove or the wii balance board, games were made exclusively for them. What did this mean? It meant that developers really had to have the experience ABOUT using the peripheral. So If you’ve played a kinect game you know you’re going to be standing up and jumping around etc. If you’re playing with the psmove or the balance board, you’re more than likely going to be using that peripheral for a large percentage of the associated games. Also, since the peripheral was an add-on this meant that developers could not assume that every Xbox player owned a Kinect, so integrating it was a risk and thus not done. So it was not enough to just have some light use; The idea was that these people bought this peripheral so let’s make them games that take advantage of it. And we all know how it ended up. The peripherals eventually lost support and people regretted their purchase as a result and wrote them off as gimicky peripherals even though it was just gimmicky usage. This is the usual pattern with add on peripherals.

But now (for example) let’s consider the case of the Wii U; The gamepad comes with every system boxed in. This means developers can consider it and use it only when necessary and sparingly. So it never becomes a gamepad experience so much as an experience that can be complemented by the gamepad. I’ve played games that have you never really use the gamepad at all (New Super Mario Bros.), to some light integration (Pikmin 3) and then games with some heavier gamepad focus like Nintendo Land. And to be honest I think it works out really well this way. Every developer knows for certain that a Wii U owner has a gamepad so that puts every developer in the position to say “Ok, so what will we do with this” and then it can be used in any way, even not at all.

I think a good article that backs up my case for the Kinect 2.0 here is Rare’s (Who developed a tonne of Kinect games) discussion on the topic. You can read the full article here (It’s quite short):


A key line is when asked when asked about the possibility of a Perfect Dark game is the response

“Maybe! We’ve got an idea for that. It would be controller plus Kinect”. Hopefully meaning the Kinect 2.0 could compliment the experience and not be the focus.

I mean I’m not even a developer but I can think of plenty of ways the Kinect 2.0 peripheral can be used sparingly, intuitively and most of all in a fun manner to really compliment what we know as the standard experience. So surely the developers, who are supposed to be creative people can come up with ideas? It’s worrying if they can’t.

So where does this put us? Well to be dead honest we’re still not in a great position. Again, let’s consider the gamepad. When Nintendo revealed the Wii U and it’s gamepad we had plenty of footage showing off the unique gameplay experiences it can offer. From Nintendo Land to Zombi U demos and footage, there was plenty there for the gamer to see. And I think the gamepad has already proved itself with the Wii U’s first year coming to a close. But what has Microsoft shown us? All I’ve seen are test footage showing off how the kinect can register certain movements etc but there has been no actual kinect integrated gameplay footage.  For now how I envision the Kinect 2.0 use is just that, a vision. The potential is there, but ultimately Microsoft really need to bring out games that prove to the customer that this really is something that can compliment the experience. I want to see proof.

I really do firmly believe that a boxed peripheral can open up infinitely many more fresh gameplay experiences for a console and for the reasons above that the Kinect 2.0 has that potential. Most of all that it’s not fair to dismiss it based on its predecessor. Does having peripheral integration make every game more fun? No, I’m not saying that. Games can still use the ‘standard’ controller and still be innovative. But honestly I’m NEVER against the idea of trying something new. And this is what Microsoft is doing. They are trying to integrate a peripheral to the experience. Who wants to be the one to discourage an attempt at innovation? Not me. And with all things considered I just don’t think an eye camera with a ps4 constitutes as the same proposition. If I was to get a ps4 I’d give the eye camera a complete miss to be honest, again because of my feelings on add-ons.

I’ve had enough of being told I shouldn’t be interested in the Xbox One or seeing every new Xbox One video disliked and down voted and flooded with troll BS because of that taboo. The line up and hardware are more interesting to me than the ps4. If somebody else feels that way then leave them alone. Innocent comments like “This game looks great” can get slaughtered if it’s directed at an XO game. Should everyone go out and buy an Xbox One? Nope, buy whatever you’re interested in. Should you shut the fuck up about the Xbox One if you’re not interested in it? Yup you should.

Alright, I think I’ve said everything I wanted to say.

-Tim Out.

Pokemon Y update (progress) 14/10



(A pic I took in game, if you take a pic in game you just need to put your SD card in your computer/laptop/tablet and it’s in the DCIM folder)

So I thought I’d write a quick one updating my progress in Pokemon Y thus far! Because why the froak not!?!? 🙂 I doubt this will be spoiler free so for reference, I’m just at the second gym.

I’m currently twelve hours into the game. I’ve caught myself a whopping 50 pokemans (and pokewomens). As I’ve said above I’m just at the second gym so I’ve still only one badge! I have to say I’m really really enjoying it. There’s something about it that makes me want to pick it back up the moment I set it down. I don’t have an overall goal, I just catch pokemon as I go and then fight everyone and keep going. I’ve never returned to an area to catch a particular pokemon. I think I’ll leave completing the dex until the end. There have been so many lovey cliche pokemon moments; For example Snorlax being a fat ass blocking the bridge! I absolutely loved glittering cave; I got the Tyrannosaurus pokemon and also I  managed to pick up an amber item that was turned into an aerodactyl! Woo! Which means I can mega evolve him because I got the aerodactyl(stone thing?ite?) from the assistant. V excited for that lads. Oh and here’s a pro tip for those of you who are not so cavemathically inclined. If you always take the left turn (or right), even when you see the exits or new doors, then you will visit every part of the cave once and only once!

Something really cool that’s happened is the amount of street passes I usually get has doubled today already. I typically get about an average of 5 in the city and I’ve already got about 10 today (and another 2 since writing the draft) . And the ‘I’ve been playing’ for most of them have been pokemon! When I got on the train this morning I plumped down on a seat not really noticing what’s going. I pull out my 3DS and boot up pokemon. Moments later the guy sitting right next to me gives me a sly tap on the shoulder. I turn around and there he is 3DS in hand with a cheeky grin on his face and pokemon up and running.

We connected.

Ah no, but seriously he was a really nice guy and we had a great chat about pokemon for the rest of the journey. Thanks to the streetpass functionality of pokemon I’ve now saved him in my favorites 🙂

Some other things that are/were cool or funny

  • Riding on Rhyhorn
  • The amazing Lumiose city music
  • Capturing a sexy cubone (A personal favorite pokemon)
  • Getting Torchic on promotion and him leveling up like crazy
  • Getting a squirtle was awesome too
  • The messages from around the world on the PSS
  • This https://vine.co/v/hHVg9JjQ3lP (Thanks PBG)
  • Lumiose city itself which was hard to get used to the camera and navigate at first! But still really cool!
  • Team Flare’s suits
  • Honedge
  • Did I mention Honedge?

So how’s your pokemon journey going? 🙂

-Tim Out!

Look what I just got :)




It’s finally here.

I had an internal debate between paying 35 euro for the game and getting it a week late or just coughing up the 50 euro to get it today. I CHOSE THE LATTER AND I DON’T REGRET IT BABAY! No seriously there was a lot of discussion, memos back and forth and reshuffling at the office but we decided the extra 15 euro was feasible. So yea it’s fabulous. I’ve clocked up four hours so far and I absolutely adore it. I didn’t think I’d get as emotional as I did with the opening cut scene. I found it really hard to put down but I’ve got to get to some study now 😦 Honestly if you’re at all on the fence just get the damn thing! I hope everyone’s having as much fun with it as I am. I’ll have a full review up when I’m finished it, which will probably be yonks away. Until then, I bid you a Jew!

-Tim Out!

3 Days Until Pokemon! HYPE!!

I’m wayyyyyy too excited for this game. I’ve been watching Pokemon Origins and it’s been getting me super pumped. If you haven’t watched it or been watching it btw I’d definitely recommend doing so! I’m not going to spoil a single thing but naturally for anyone who played red, blue or yellow as a kid…you’ll be sipping on some serious nostalgia Kool Aid. Here’s a link where you can watch them online:


The other 3 episodes are up too, just search “Pokemon Origins”

So I’m 99.999999999% sure I’ll be getting Pokemon Y. Mostly because of the initial reveal trailer where we just saw Yveltal and Xerneas. Don’t get me wrong I think Xerneas is a lovely majestic creature but Yveltal just looks like a fucking bad ass. His box art is just so “COME AT ME BRO”.


Absolute badass. And then there’s Mega Mewtwo Y who looks infinitely better than Mega Mewtwo X; don’ care wah ya say, don’ care. He’s slick and looks a bit like Majin Buu from dragonball Z (My DBZ lingo is not up to scratch, sorry if it’s actually kid buu or something). Whereas I don’t even know what Mewtwo X is all about. GO HOME.




Not slick.

Now I’m going to have to be the bigger man here and admit that Charizard X is lookin’ well. I think it was the colour palette swap that made it so: “D: WATISDIS. WATTTTISSSSDISSSSS”. That’s not to say I’m not loving Charizard Y either though so it’s not a problemo. If push comes to shove I’ll get somebody to trade me him or I’ll just buy Pokemon X at some stage down the road. OR I’ll buy it for my girlfriend who doesn’t even play video games for Christmas and then offer to take the useless game off her hands. Either or, ya know?


100% Sexy


99% sexy

I forgot to mention that MCharizard Y is a flying type and MC X is not. So while I’m being a bad ass flying around on my mother fuckin’ Charizard all you Pokemon X players will be like “But mine’s a Dragon type so there :*,( *sniff*”. Good luck to yih baiz! Flying on a Charizard? The stuff of dreams. (All figuratively of course) *cough*notreallyafriendpointedouttheyonlymegaevolveduringbattlesandieditedthisin*cough*

Well I really didn’t want to see any actual spoilers beyond official reveals so those are the only Megas I know about but I’m also really looking forward to hoards, sky battles, riding Pokemon, skating and all the other cool new stuff announced in the Trailers.

It’s gonna’ be ace.

Here’s a deadly app that lets you create your own Pokemon Trainer. I think we should all do it and update our facebook (or twitter or whatever) pic for the launch! I’ve already done it here’s mine



True Story. Here’s the link:


It looks like gamestop will be doing a midnight launch in the U.S anyway (I don’t know about Europe and I definitely doubt Ireland). In fact, funny storyy time. When I went down to pre order Kingdom Hearts 3D I was like to the guy behind the counter

“So man, is there anything really big coming out Friday night that I might be able to stroll down and pick this up during that event?”

(Because I had seen the window was plastered in Diablo posters)

and he’s like

*huh, pffft* “YEA, we’re not opening for a 3DS game dude”. Then him and the other guy behind the counter started laughing. Meanwhile I’m thinking





haha. For realz.

So they won’t be opening for 3DS games just in case you were wondering! I don’t think I’d do a midnight launch anyway. I’ll be wrecked Friday. I don’t want to stand around in the cold for two hours to pick up a game I won’t play until the morning anyway.

So yea. It’s gonna be sweet. Drop me a comment if you want my 3DS friend code.

We can be friends.




Thanks for reading!

– Tim Out!

October 1st Nintendo Direct summary – MY BODY IS READY, my wallet is not


Ohhhh lordy lordy lord. Where to begin? From Shibata’s rendition of “Dance with somebody” to showcase some Karaoke U shenanigans to the incredible Super Mario 3D World trailer, I was left lost for words. And yet here I am, WRITING WORDS. To be fair I’ve had a few days to calm myself and collect my thoughts.


While not the most epic direct (We’ll leave that to the one with the ‘X’ announcement), it was by no means the worst either! So, let’s cover things in order of appearance. First up is the already mentioned Super Mario 3D World trailer. Please, Take a look:



This is exactly what I wanted to see. The overwhelming positive reaction to this trailer is great after the disaster that was the E3 trailer. Everybody complained because they wanted
1. A Super Mario 64 sequel
2. A Galaxy sequel
3. A Sunshine sequel
4. A reason to complain

In fact here’s the current top comment:

“I’ll be honest, the first trailer for this game was underwhelming, but this one really pumped me up for Super Mario 3d World. Can’t wait!! Who else?” – BOBMARIYO

Nobody was expecting a 3D Land sequel. 3D Land was met positively by fans and critics so naturally nobody wanted a sequel. Yea. Well, it looks like everyone’s calmed down. EAD Tokyo did actually make the Galaxy games too so people really should have put more faith in them. 90% of the complainers have hung up their boots for another day. T’other 10% are just the regulars.

The game releases on the 29th of November (in Europe, and in and around that date in other regions). It’s a day one purchase for me.

Iwata also showed two new Wii remote plus’sssss releasing on November the 8th. Here’s a pic…. If you can’t discern the patterns one is Mario and the other Luigigigas


Next up is Wii Party U. They showed off some of the new mini games in what’s called “House Party Mode”. They use the unique aspects of the system to create some (in typical Nintendo fashion) bizarre mini games. It looks like it will be a really fun game particularly for kids or even adults with the right atmosphere and friends. I was skeptical when they showed off Nintendoland (it too being a collection of mini games). I bought it after launch for half the price from a local advert site. It ended up being my most played Wii U game to date. When my cousins came over and we popped it in we had an absolute blast and it became instantly clear to me Nintendo’s vision with that title. So I try not to dismiss anything which initially seems bizarre or stupid. For now though I can’t see myself picking up this title until I’ve tried it. Here’s the latest trailer which was uploaded after the direct

It launches on October 25th and comes bundled with a Wii remote plus and horizontal stand for the gamepad. This is because there are tabletop games which two players use the Wii U gamepad together.

The next piece of news is what editors with an anti Nintendo agenda have been using as a title for their Nintendo Direct summary articles, because it was clearly the most important thing shared. That is that Donkey Kong Country Returns: Tropical Freeze is being delayed until 2014. Well, I can’t say I care much. I think it will be a great game but

  1. There’s too many games I want to get already, so spreading the expenditure out works for me
  2.  Now there won’t be a drought in early 2014 like there was this year

Call that damage control or whatever but that’s me honest t’ God opinion. I hope those who were really looking forward to it can find some solace in some of the other games. I’d like to personally recommend Rayman Legends as I know many who were anticipating this game took their Rayman Legends money from their Rayman Legends money jar and dumped it in their Donkey Kong jar because of the Rayman delay debacle.

So, Iwata showed off some more footage of Mario and Sonic at the Soichi Olympics. He announced that the game will in fact have online modes where players can compete with each other. I was actually surprised by this game, I was never considering buying it but I thought the footage looked really good. It releases on November 8th. I think I’ll pick up one of the previous games in the series to see if it’s something I’ll enjoy. Here’s the latest trailer

Afterwards we got some more Sonic news; Sonic will be appearing in Smash Bros. We know that Sega and Nintendo have a 3 Sonic titles ‘partnership’. The first was Sonic Lost Worlds and the second Sonic and Mario at the Soichi Olympics. I’m wondering if this is the third title? They didn’t make it very clear if it is. I hope it’s not, because I don’t like Smash Bros. Yup I said it. SOZ. Strangely they played the Sonic Hereos theme music in the background during the direct.

Next Iwata announced some DLC coming to Pikmin 3. You can pick up new levels in Mission mode for 2 euro each. Those who own the game already can actually pick up a new level for free! You just need to download and install the update. This should have happened automatically if your system is up to date. Also the ranking system of mission mode has been updated to show the best score in the world. Pretty cool if you’re that guy!

Next Iwata talks about A Link Between Worlds (Meaning I’ll have to update my ALBW blog). You can view it here with the updates:


Iwata announced a new Kirby game for the 3DS to be released in 2014. Here’s the new trailer.

I have to say it’s looking sweet. It’s also good to see that they are not relaxing on the 3DS support because of all the Wii U titles they’re working on.

Now we move on to Shibata who’s first announcement is the release of Wii karaoke U by JoySound. It’s available today (4th October) as a free download. You can buy songs you want from a database instead of buying a disc that has a library. Also, every Wii U gets a free 1 hour trial. I’m not sure how that works but I assume you can try out any songs in the database for the hour. The game can use the gamepad’s microphone or a usb microphone. Go to 19:44 to see the best moment in the direct


Shibata is the man.

Afterwards a new trailer of Sonic Lost World was shown. It’s shaping up to be a really fantastic title. My girlfriend’s got this on preorder for me. Sadly it’s for xmas, so I won’t be playing it at launch 😦 Here’s the trailer, it gives a big run down of what the game is all about.


I think I do.

Next Shibata apologies for the Scribblenauts Unlimited delay which will be available on Decemeber 6th. Any…Anybody care?

Moving on….

Another trailer! This time for Ace Attorney Dual Destinies. I’ve never even played an Ace Attorney game but these trailers always grab my attention. The music is fairly bad ass. The game releases on the eshop only. Here’s the trailer:

There’s a demo out in the eshop right now, try it out!

Finally we get a deepa grimpse into the world of Bravely Defualt which looks to be Square Enix’s most promising RPG in years. I refuse to link the latest trailer with the English voice actors. Urrgh, they absolutely suck. Thankfully we get to choose the language of the subs and dubs. I strongly suggest Japanese dubs with English subs.

It looks absolutely stunning. The artwork is gawwwwwwjus.  Alright what the hell, here’s the latest trailer, you’ve been warned


This game releases in December. If you preorder it from “participating retailers” you get a collector’s edition of the game along with an artbook. Sweet!

So that’s everything.

I’m so excited for so many of these games. Along with others that weren’t mentioned and games that are already out but I’ve yet to buy (Fire Emblem, Luigi’s Mansion 2 for examples) it looks like my wallet’s gonna get hit hard.

I’ll rationalise it by considering things I don’t spend my money on that others do 😉

So, what did you like/dislike about the direct?

Let me know in the comments 😀

-Tim Out!