Currently Playing (27/09/2013) + I just got a PS3

I guess the title speaks for itself 🙂

First up is Mario and Luigi: Dream Team for the 3DS. This is my main focus at the moment. I’m back in college and I commute via the train. It’s an ideal game if you’re looking for something simple and fun to play in short bursts throughout the day. It’s got a save feature similar to pokemon. You can just tap save wherever you are and you’re good to go. Flick the 3DS screen down and let your streetpasses rack up. I’m having a lot of fun with it, some of the dialogue is downright hilarious. It’s also a game that offers excellent use of the 3DS hardware. Here’s the E3 trailer, which more or less shows you what to expect from the game. It’s followed by and awesome commercial.  

*whispers* Oh bravo Doctor Anderson.

Next up is The Wonderful 101. This game is absolutely brilliant. I’d nearly go so far as to call it a masterpiece. But I guess I can’t make that call, only being half way through it. The guys at Platinum did a smashing job. The drawing mechanic on the gamepad is so much fun. Basically you have a team of 100 ‘soldiers’ and you draw certain shapes on the gamepad, press ‘a’ and they will assume the relevant shape. So if you draw a straight line (for example), they will assemble into a sword! The bigger the line, the stronger the sword! This can also be done with the right stick, for those of you who can’t draw straight lines (and try to catch a roses that are being displayed on a flat tv screen)

I found it hard to stop laughing at that. Oh IGN.

The story is very 90’s cartoon reminiscent; It’s over the top in a charming way. It’s a game with a steep learning curve that takes a lot of time to master. It’s actually been unfairly bashed (In my opinion) for its difficulty. It’s easy to blame the control scheme when you just suck at it. If getting bronze after every mission on your first try hurts your ego too much.. well, what can I say? This game is not for you. There are plenty of iterative unchallenging games out there, take your pick! Or you know, you could always put the game on easy. Here’s a 7 minute director’s cut trailer:

Xenoblade. Yes, I’m still playing this game. I don’t think I’ll ever stop.

I’m also still collecting stars in Super Mario 64. You can read my thoughts on it here:

(Or if you’re on my homepage you can just scroll down :])

So, that’s what I’m playing at the moment! Unless of course I forgot about something, which is very possible. I’d love to hear what you guys are playing, so drop a comment! If you want any more information about any of these games don’t be afraid to ask. I plan to review all of them once I’ve finished them.

Finally, I got a PS3 t’other day. My PSN thingy is NinTimdoBlog so add me if you want!

And my Miiverse is timsdeece, add me on there if you want tooooo. I usually post my latest blogs on my timeline.

I have an Xbox 360 too, but I never intend to use online on it ever again. But, timsdeece is also my name on there.

Maybe I’ll tag all these at the ends of future posts. Seems like a good idea.

-Tim Out!


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