Upcoming: Sonic Lost World Wii-U


‘Upcoming’ is a section where I will discuss upcoming games I’m anticipating. And where better to start than with Sonic Lost World for the Wii U? Well ok, with literally a bazillion titles coming out from here until December I probably could have found something better. But come on guys….Sonic!

Do I honestly need to explain what Sonic is? An action-adventure that forgot it was a platformer for a few years. Sonic has admittedly been through a bit of a rough patch with games like ‘Sonic 2006’ and ‘Sonic Unleashed’ receiving mixed opinions from critics and fans.  It’s a pity because Sonic was definitely a go-to-game if you wanted a definite fun, well polished and all around family friendly title. I have personally played neither, though. I have however played Generations for the Xbox 360 and 3DS and  both are excellent titles. I’ve also watched some game play of Sonic Colours and think I’ll pick it up sometime soon, because it looks awesome.

Sonic Lost World certainly seems like it could be THE game to rightfully put Sonic back up on that ‘platform’ (get it?  ;D)  he once held. Like Sonic Colours this game will be exclusive to Nintendo platforms, that is Wii-U and 3DS. It’s the wii-U version I’ve been following closely because it looks absolutely demon. I figure I’ll let the footage speak for itself.  First up is GameXplain’s footage from Gamescom of a level appropriately titled “Frozen Factory”, check it out:

Wow. I am loving everything about it. The art and graphics, the level design and the gameplay.  I’ve got my fingers crossed that the ball is controlled using the gamepad’s gyroscope. We can only hope! Does this level in particular ring a bell with anyone else? The first thing that came to my mind was the “Rolling Gizmo Galaxy” from Super Mario Galaxy. If you are unfamiliar (shame on you), I’ve got your back:

Indeed, many people have been comparing Sonic Lost Worlds to Super Mario Galaxy since the initial trailer hit the web over a month ago.  Well, they’re not wrong, it’s certainly very reminiscent of the classic Nintendo title in parts. But, at the same time, it’s still its own distinct game with mechanics and level design unheard of in Galaxy. The next clip is also from GameXplain. This level is titled ‘Windy Hill Zone 4″:

The Sonic team have promised a balance between 3D and 2D platforming. At around the 1:03 mark we see some of the 2D platforming and boy does it look fun. The way the level spins around Sonic as he goes through some of those gravity defying loops gets me giddy. Those of you who have played Colours will be familiar with the wisp power ups. They are back for this game and will be controlled via the gamepad (although there could possibly be an analogue stick alternative). We get a glimpse of one at 1:16. Unfortunately for us, the guy fails miserably at executing it. Oh well.

Sonic Lost World releases for the Wii-U and 3DS in all regions during October. The game has been confirmed to run at a buttery smooth 60fps, with off tv play, two player, miiverse item sharing functionality and has Wii-U – 3DS compatibility.

So, don’t be afraid to drop a comment if you have any questions about the game. I’d love to hear from anyone else who’s thinking about buying it. It will be a day one purchase for me. Pre orders come with some free DLC too. Here’s to hoping Sega can fully redeem themselves with this one.

Bottoms up!

-Tim Out!


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