Mmmmmighty Switch Force….HD!


Mighty Switch Force is an indie game developed by Wayforward Technologies originally released as a downloadable 3DS title.  For whatever reason (I was probably busy playing other games), I passed it!

With the release of the Wii-U, Nintendo presumably threw a few dollars at Wayforward (probably right in the face) to get an HD upgrade going. Lucky for me I was itching to download some of the stellar indie games available on the eshop and this little gem was on sale. If my memory serves me well, and I added the 5 and carried 3 the right, I’m almost 86.57% sure I got it for 6.99 euro (reduced from 10 euro). That’s about 9 U.S dollars or 6 U.K pounds.

The game is a platformer with puzzle solving elements. The story is very bare bones and really serves as a simple premise for the fun. The main character Patricia Wagon (Patty-Wagon get it? HA….) has to round up 5 convicts who escaped during transport. The core mechanic of the game is your ability to instantaneously ‘push’ blocks from the background into the foreground (and vice versa) to use as platforms. You can see from the picture above the faded blocks which are currently in the background. You must be careful however. If you stand in front of a block as it comes out, it pushes you towards the screen. With a cute little crack animation, YOU DIE A PAINFUL AND AGONISING DEATH. Hmmm…

The switching mechanic is used in many other ways, which of course leads to some seriously clever level designs. As the game progresses, so does the difficulty, with some of the later stages providing  serious challenge. The controls are tight however and there is rarely flawed level design (like jumps the player could not have possibly know were coming up, I’m looking at you Donkey Kong Country). So it always felt like it was my fault when I died. Along with switching, you can jump and shoot. It has a slight Megaman vibe in that respect.

I personally found the game very aesthetically pleasing. I loved the hand drawn cartoony look of the characters. The music was composed by Jake Kaufman who has a massive repertoire  under his belt, having written for many games across many systems. The songs are funky and fresh and really suit the tone of the game. I had them on my mp3 the night I got the game. Here is an example:

After the main game you are provided with a few extra bonus levels. But wait..there’s more! The HD version then takes all them levels and remixes them for twice the fun. That gives you a whopping 42 levels. There are also par times, these are the recommended time to complete each level within. Doing so will get you a nice blue star for bragging rights. One thing I really enjoyed was completing the level, taking a snap of my time and posting it to miiverse as a challenge to other players. For me it added another level of re playability.

Finally the game supports off tv mode. I used it mainly when friends were over but I’ve crawled into bed and had a few plays before drifting off on the odd night in. When playing on the tv screen however, the pad acts as a radar and shows the location of the nearest convict. It’s quite useful for the later levels. The game also supports the pro controller. I’ve posted a picture below of the game running on the Pad.

I managed to squeeze fifteen hours from this game before packing up, but I still pick it up from time to time. Not bad for 7 euro, not bad at all!

To finish up thanks for reading and I hope I may have convinced some people to look up some gameplay to see if it’s a game they might enjoy.

Did you play Mighty Switch Force? Did you like it?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments 🙂

– Tim Out!



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